Talia Cooper is a singer/songwriter who has been singing since birth. She speculates that more musical notes have escaped her mouth than words spoken. In pre-school Talia apparently wrote songs about cows, despite growing up in the non-farm areas of Oakland and Berkeley. These days Talia’s original songs weave together her family traditions of activism, humor and Jewish culture.  Her voice has been most compared to her heroes Dar Williams, Joni Mitchell and Ani Difranco. Talia’s songs poke fun at cliches and expose realities, with tones ranging from full on sassy and humorous, to politically contemplative, to love songs with a twist. Talia rejects the notion that artists are “special” and instead speaks to the creative parts in all of us.
When she is not playing music she is the Director of Jewish Youth for Community Action (www.jyca-justice.org) where she has the privilege of working with high school activists. In addition to her own music, Talia sings with the internationally renowned Jewish women’s acapella group Vocolot (www.vocolot.com)


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