The More Art the Better (segmented)

The following post is a segment from a longer piece I wrote. The full version can be found here.

Just in the way I believe we are all activists, I also think we are all artists.

It is clear that art has already played an essential part of this movement. Many have commented on the movement’s impressive ability to produce such beautiful posters and with such speed too. Many poems have been written and songs performed. Drumming and dancing have gathered people in close. Videos and films have been raced through facebook. This movement, like all movements in history, has included and needed the brilliance of artists.

I know from what we can get like as artists: we feel competitive, we want to be the special one, we don’t want to be called a copycat. But this is part of the capitalist rhetoric we are trying to work against. I think this is the reality: There is no such thing as too many artists. We need all of us. Creating creating creating. Art is what will bring the people in, and art is what will keep us here.

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