More on Human Connection… (segmented)

The following post is a segment from a longer piece I wrote. The full version can be found here.

Naomi Klein described the Occupy movement as “addictive,” that it’s not that people feel obligated to go to the protest or meeting, it’s just that it’s where they most want to be on a Saturday night. I think what she’s getting at is the pull towards genuine human connection.

With wealth privilege in my family, I was given my own room around the age of 7. I tried it out and quickly opted to return to the bunk bed I shared with my little brother. Later when I returned to my own bedroom, I refused to sleep with the door closed, and for many years would often convinced my brother to sleep on carefully lain out couch pillows on the floor of my room. Sleeping alone felt like a skill I had to learn in order to be a part of society. I used to think that everyone wanted marriage because it was the way you could at long last return to close connection with people.

The Occupy Together Movement is just that: occupying together. When you’ve tasted what it’s like to live in a community where the group is all working together to make sure everyone’s basic human needs are truly being met, and the human to human connection is palpable- how could you want nothing but to spend every minute there?

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